This Camel Looks Like It's Genuinely Laughing When It Gets Tickled

If you've never seen a laughing camel before, just press play on the video above, and behold.

Though the video appeared on YouTube in 2010, it is currently making the rounds on the Internet to remind everyone why the camel should be their favorite animal.

Watch the camel respond to tickles with noises that sound like actual giggles.

But is it actually laughing? The laughter tickle response, known as gargalesis, is very rare in animals. In fact, only humans, our closest primate relatives and rats have been proven to exhibit gargalesis.

The camel is more likely experiencing knismesis -- a behavioral response to a light tickle or itch on the skin common in many animals. This evolved behavior does not signify joy, but is meant to rid the animal of vermin or bugs touching its skin that might cause it harm. The behavior usually manifests in a shudder or shake.

Well, either way, we can always pretend the camel in the video is having the time of its life.



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