Camel Nibbles Little Girl, Aliyah Inzer, In Drive-Thru Zoo Near Kansas City (VIDEO)

Little Aliyah Inzer may have gotten slightly more than she bargained for during a recent trip to a drive-thru zoo near Kansas City, Mo.

In a video first posted to Youtube in January, the young girl fed a camel through a car window while seated on her dad's lap. But once she ran out of the food, the hungry camel decided to nibble on something else -- her head!

Fortunately, her quick-thinking dad stepped in before the animal could open wide.

"I just saw the camel open its mouth and kind of realized '[O]h, this camel might bite her ear or something.' So I pushed him away pretty quickly," her father, Tyler Inzer, explained to CBS local affiliate KCTV.

The hosts of Good Morning America noted the danger of Aliyah being in the front seat during the drive-thru safari; however, her mother, Marcie, explains in the video's description:

She LOVED feeding every furry animal that would pop it's head up to our car window. We drove slow through the zoo and allowed her to sit up front so that she could help feed the animals while under close supervision. ... Our daughter is fine but I think we will be a little more careful around those ornery camels next time!

While camels are herbivores, they have been known to get peckish during wild animal safaris. In 2010, reporter Steve Hartman experienced a camel bite firsthand when he rolled down his window to greet a chomping camel. Like the Inzers, the reporter laughed off the "attack," joking that the camel bite "wasn't in the guide book."



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