American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Camera Is Found In Bathroom

And we thought the TSA was the most invasive part of flying.

An American Airlines flight from San Francisco to New York's Kennedy Airport was forced to make an emergency landing in Kansas City, Mo., on Sunday, after what appears to be a camera -- disguised as a flash drive -- was discovered taped to part of the airplane bathroom.

The creepy find was reported by NBC News, who received the tip from unnamed senior government officials.

American Airlines confirmed to The Huffington Post that the flight had indeed been diverted "due to a safety concern," but had no other information to disclose about the incident.

In the absence of any other firm details, CNET's Chris Matyszczyk strung together the words "mile," "high" and "club" as one possible theory for the alleged camera. Conde Nast's pop culture travel blog, Jaunted, went a step further to ruminate on just who would do this:

It's a creep who tapes a tiny camera in a bathroom and spies on people while they're doing their business, and - because of said creep's mind-blowing creepiness - forces a transcontinental flight to make an emergency landing, thereby stranding over 200 people in of all places Kansas City. It boggles the imagination, doesn't it, how much you would have hated that person if you were on the flight.

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte later confirmed the item was not an explosive of any sort, tweeting:

All the Boeing 767's 227 passengers and crew members were evacuated safely, reports the Associated Press.