Camera Catches Toddler Helping Baby Brother Make Epic Crib Escape

This video is amazing!

Bryan and Missy Lanning have their hands full with two sons under 4. And as this viral Nest Cam video shows, the kiddos are giving them a run for their money.

The Lannings, who run the popular vlog Daily Bumps, shared a video on their YouTube channel and Facebook page showing their toddler, Oliver, helping his little brother, Finely, escape his crib. The baby jailbreak is pretty epic, as 3-year-old Ollie gives 1-year-old Finn a chair and demonstrates how to use it to get out of the crib.

Though the classic toddler mischief is hilarious, the video is also pretty heartwarming as it highlights the bond between the two brothers.

“You can do it!” Ollie says to Finn before catching him.

This video, which has reached over 61 million views on Facebook, brings to mind another amazing Nest monitoring system video. In March, 2-year-old twins in New York went viral for their amazing post-bedtime shenanigans, which were also caught on camera.

It’s nice to see siblings who are close and look out for each other, but parents, beware the double trouble!