Life Is Beautiful In The 'Cameraperson' Trailer, Which Introduces A Filmmaker's Globe-Trotting Diary

Kirsten Johnson's documentary features outtakes from her movies.
Janus Films

Kirsten Johnson has spent more than two decades behind cameras. As a documentary cinematographer, she has traveled to Darfur, Brooklyn, Afghanistan, Missouri, Texas, Nigeria and Bosnia, capturing life in its varied forms. Over the years, Johnson collected a number of intimate outtakes that now comprise “Cameraperson,” a new documentary that doubles as her life’s memoir. Candid footage from “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “Derrida,” “Darfur Now,” “The Invisible War” and “Citizenfour,” among others, shatters the fourth wall and closes the poetic gap between filmmaker and subject.

After glowing reviews at Sundance and South by Southwest earlier this year, The Huffington Post is debuting the “Cameraperson” trailer exclusively. It is a two-minute snapshot of the globe’s flora and fauna, its birth and death ― all repurposed to probe standards of narrative and objectivity. The meta documentary opens in limited release on Sept. 9.

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