Why Is Cameron Diaz Talking About Pee, Poop And Sweat? (VIDEO)

Feces, urine and sweat -- Cameron Diaz may be a Hollywood actress and a former model, but she isn't afraid to talk about the messy world of bodily functions.

Diaz, who recently sat down with Oprah to discuss beauty and aging on "Oprah Prime," explores such personal matters in detail in her New York Times bestseller The Body Book.

"By the way, if you're connected to those things -- your pee, your poop, and your sweat -- that's the easiest way and the most frequent way that you can be connected to what's going on in your body," Diaz says. "Because pee, poop, and sweat is the way that we get rid of toxins in our body."

"Every time you go pee, you can look in the toilet," Diaz suggests. "You can see what color your pee is, what it smells like, and how often you've gone. And you can tell whether or not you need to drink more water or drink less coffee or whether or not your kidneys are being able to be flushed out. That's important to your body."

Your poop, she says, indicates how you're doing on your nutrition. It's something you can keep track of every day, she adds.

Oprah says she used to have these conversations with Dr. Oz. "I didn't think I'd be talking to Cameron Diaz about poop," she laughs.

The moral of the story? Look before you flush. "Check it," Diaz says. "Check it and make sure."

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