Before You Get Botox, Cameron Diaz Wants You To Know One Important Thing

Before You Get Botox, Cameron Diaz Wants You To Know One Important Thing

When people start to feel as if their smile lines are deepening or or their strands of gray hair are coming in more frequently, they sometimes have one immediate thought: How can I "fix" this?

Some choose to fight aging with cosmetic procedures, from out-patient surgery to quick fillers and injections. But before you turn to something even as common as Botox, Cameron Diaz wants you to know one thing.

Though the 43-year-old actress says she passes "no judgment on how people feel good," it's important to remember what procedures like Botox are truly for.

"They're to help people feel a little bit better about themselves," Diaz says. "If they do feel better about themselves, then those procedures have worked. I have no problem with that. And [in] a lot of instances, it does make you look like you've taken a nap ... or that you might be a little younger than you looked maybe the day before."

What these procedures don't do, she points out, is stop or reverse the aging process.

"Aging is a cellular event. Every bit of aging happens in our cells," Diaz explains. "So, if you're trying to get rid of the wrinkles that are on your face because they make you look older, what you're looking at are your cells... The aging has taken place in your cells. That means that it's happened at the deepest part of yourself."

Even if you can smooth out those wrinkles with procedures, she continues, that only accomplishes so much.

"The places that the Botox doesn't reach are still aging," Diaz says. "So, it's very, very important to know what happens to your cells [and], if you really want to age well, how you can manage that aging on a cellular level through the five pillars of well-being."

Those pillars are: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress release and meaningful relationships -- all of which Diaz has explored in her book, The Longevity Book. Those pillars, she says, are the real keys to addressing aging.

"Those are the things that truly impact aging and help you age better," she says. "Those are the things that you really have to know and incorporate -- along with the Botox, if that makes you happy."

Another piece of Diaz's healthy living advice:

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