Cameron Diaz Beautifully Sums Up The Real Meaning Of Happiness

Fame won't bring you happiness - Cameron Diaz

Educate Inspire Change brings you 'Cameron Diaz Explaining Perfectly In 1 Minute How Fame Will Not Bring You Happiness.'This clip is part of a documentary called HUMAN.

Posted by Educate Inspire Change on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For Cameron Diaz, fame does not equal happiness.

The actress got real about the true definition of joy for the film "Human," saying success isn't defined by admiration from others. The movie features a series of interviews with people on what it's like to be human in the face of love, happiness, hatred and other emotions.

"Fulfillment comes within you by being authentic to yourself," she says in the above snippet from her longer "Human" interview, which was shared by the organization Educate, Inspire, Change.

Stardom is just the byproduct of her particular job, Diaz argues. It doesn't define who one is as a person and it's certainly not the endgame on the road to happiness.

Diaz's wise testimony certainly has merit: Happiness isn't something you capture, it's something you create. Research shows that you're in control of joy and that a state of bliss has more to do with your mind than your circumstances. Studies also suggest that self-acceptance is a key to a happier life. The common denominator is you.

Feeling content because of who you are? Now that's real happiness.

Check out the full video above to hear more from Diaz on fame and joy.

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