'Ask A Lesbian' With Cameron Esposito Tells You Everything You Need To Know

Our crush on comedian Cameron Esposito was already at a dangerously obsessive level (hot + funny = swoon) but after seeing her new Buzzfeed video, "Ask A Lesbian," we're not sure how we're going to concentrate on anything for the rest of the week (month? year?) other than how perfect she is.

In the clip above, Esposito answers questions sent in from readers and no query is too personal -- or too stupid -- for her to offer a candid, considered response.

The comedian, who recently released her album "Same Sex Symbol," begins the video with a softball question, "How do you feel when people call you a lesbian?" and responds, "I feel like that’s fine! Because I’m a lesbian… so that’s what you should call me."

But things get dicier from there. Esposito expertly tackles trickier fare like, "Do you get turned on by looking at your own boobs?" and "Is scissoring actually a thing?" and "Are you afraid of eternal hell?"

Watch Cameron do some truth telling and then go pick up her album and follow her on Twitter. For upcoming tour dates, head here (or don't -- more Cameron for us!).



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