Comedian Cameron Esposito Doesn't Just Love The New Ken Doll... She IS Him

"I literally own 90 percent of new Ken's wardrobe."

Mattel released a new line of Ken dolls earlier this month, and it turns out lesbians might be having more fun with them than kids are.

The dolls, which feature a variety of body types, hair styles and skin tones, were almost immediately exalted by queer women who hilariously pontificated about why they felt such a kinship with the new Kens.

One lesbian, comedian Cameron Esposito, tweeted on Tuesday that she didn’t just love the new Ken, she actually is him:

“Ken was a huge part of my childhood,” Esposito told HuffPost. “He wore the clothes I wanted to wear, drove a cool car, dated Barbie (although I also used to make my Kens go out together). I’ve always related to Ken.”

The 35-year-old comedian, who jokes she “literally owns 90 percent” of new Ken’s wardrobe, is also lauding the new line of dolls for offering what could be read as much needed examples of queer representation to kids.

“I feel like I never hear people talk about queer kids,” Esposito said. “We talk about queer parents, queer teens, queer adults of every kind but I was a little queer kid and I related to my toys as such. I loved Ken and Derek (from Barbie and the Rockers) and Kevin (Ken’s little brother). They were also one of the few toys that represented people of color in the 80s. I had Latinx and black Kens. For me, they were early community. Really.”

Cam Esposito

Esposito’s tweet, which has been liked over 20,000 times, doesn’t feature her favorite new Ken, “Rachel Maddow Ken,” but she says she “can’t wait to try to mimic that one.” In the mean time, check out more photos below and for more from Cameron, including upcoming shows and projects, head here.

Cameron Esposito
Cameron Esposito
Cameron Esposito
Cameron Esposito

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