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Man Allegedly Sells Undercover Cop Crushed Pop-Tart, Claims It's Cocaine

Looks like the cop didn't want to sweeten the deal.

Cameron Mitchell, 30, was arrested Sept. 4 after allegedly selling an undercover agent in Halifax, North Carolina a crushed-up Pop Tart that he claimed was cocaine, WCTI 12 reports.

Halifax County deputies say Mitchell was making a delivery to a convenience store when the incident occurred. The agent came into contact with Mitchell, and over the course of the conversation Mitchell allegedly “agreed” to sell him some crack cocaine for $20, according to WCTI 12.

When agents tested the powdery substance Mitchell allegedly sold them, it contained no trace of cocaine. Police they say he later admitted it was the crushed corner of a Pop Tart, which he only sold because he needed the money. He was charged with selling a counterfeit controlled substance and creating a counterfeit controlled substance.

Several commenters on Gawker have speculated that the agent’s actions may qualify as entrapment.

According to North Carolina law:

It is the general rule that where the criminal intent and design originates in the mind of
one other than the defendant, and the defendant is, by persuasion, trickery or fraud, incited and induced to commit the crime charged in order to prosecute him for it, when he would not have committed the crime, except for such incitements and inducements, these circumstances constitute entrapment and a valid defense.

On the bright side, at least these officers determined that the substance in question was a sugary treat, not an illicit drug. That was beyond the abilities of the NYPD who, in October 2013, arrested two men on drug possession charges when cops mistook Jolly Ranchers for meth rocks.

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