Camila Alves To Showcase Handbag Collection On QVC Tonight (INTERVIEW)

Camila Alves, Brazilian model and designer (and, ahem, Matthew McConaughey's fiancé) will be on QVC tonight showcasing her handbag collection MUXO by Camila Alves, which the Latina entrepreneur started with her mother, Fatima. We spoke with the 29-year-old creative designer to get the 411 on her handbag line, find out what her famous fiancé thinks of her collection, and whether she and Matthew have set a wedding date.

We’re excited to watch you on QVC tonight! Tell us what you’ll be doing on the air.
We have our first one-hour show for MUXO by Camila Alves. The thing that I’m most excited about is that I’ll have the time to talk about design details. Usually, when I go on {a show}, it’s so fast and I don’t really get to talk about the leather and about how the bags are supposed to be worn.

A lot of celebrities are designing items these days. How is your collection different?
My mother and I have been designing handbags for over eight years now. My mom has three degrees in design and she’s been doing it for over 30 years. I grew up watching her doing this. I’m not talking bad about anybody – and there’s nothing wrong with this – but a lot of people these days grab a product that they see and then grab another product and they send both to the designer and go, “can we mix it together and come up with something?” Then they put their name on it. With us, it’s a completely different process. We create the handbags from scratch. That’s why we have such a unique product.

The bags in your collection are really sophisticated, but they’re also very casual. Is that intentional?
Yes, most of the bags you can either dress up or dress down. More than anything, the bags are based on the style of women today. Women are living a different life than they used to. We’re busy. We have a lot to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mother or a businesswoman or both. There's a lot going on today, so I like to give women options. It’s hard for women to have an organized handbag. You’re always looking for your stuff everywhere. How many times have you been with a girlfriend and they’re like, “OMG< I lost my cell phone” and then they find it in the bottom of their handbag with everything else?

Is your fiancé Matthew McConaughey supportive of your design career?
Yeah, very much so! We have a family out there, we share projects and work that we do and ask each other for opinions. It’s really like a family affair.

And speaking of Matthew, congratulations on your engagement over Christmas! Have you set a wedding date?
Not yet. I’ve been busy with the handbags and he’s been really busy with work, too. I just really love being engaged right now. It was a big surprise and it’s fun to be able to say “my husband to be” and being a “wife to be.” Being engaged is absolutely a time to cherish!

Have you decided on a wedding dress yet?
I was never the girl who tore pictures out of wedding magazines. My dream was always to have a healthy family and a healthy home, so I haven’t gotten to the dress yet. But I have seen these amazing wedding dresses with really intricate beeding that are really beautiful dresses. I may get inspiration from that.

Do you want a big dress or a small dress?
I think it’s really going to depend on what is picked out for me, because I can do both ways. I love wearing dresses that hug the body, but then, at the Oscars, I had a big dress and I really loved that. It’s a style I never thought I would wear, but I saw the dress and I was like ‘oh my God, that’s it!” A lot of times you think you want something and then you find something completely different.


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