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Camila Alves' Faux Lob Hairstyle Is This Week's Best Beauty Look

We've lost count of how many Hollywood stars are sporting a lob haircut these days. This longer bob hairstyle looks flattering on all face shapes. But if you're still unsure as to whether it's right for you, just take a cue from Camila Alves.

The 32-year-old nearly made us do a double-take when she showed up at the "Interstellar" New York City premiere wearing a faux lob alongside her actor-husband Matthew McConaughey. While she went right back to her signature loose locks, we think Alves could definitely pull off a shorter 'do.

Check it out for yourself below and see which other celebs made this week's best and worst beauty list.

BEST: Camila Alves

camilla alves

McConaughey's five o'clock shadow is kind of sexy, but it's Alves' glamorous hair and makeup that really has our attention. The hidden hair part gives way to a lovely lob that frames her bronzed complexion.

BEST: Beyoncé


Bey went back to this tousled, wavy bob that we love so much. And she knows how to keep her makeup simple, yet sultry with cat eyeliner and nude-pink lip gloss.

BEST: Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway

The Academy Award-winning actress made a strong comeback on this week's beauty list with a retro-inspired lob, subtle smokey eye makeup and cherry red lipstick.

BEST: Miranda Lambert

miranda lambert

Lambert had one of the BEST beauty looks at this year's CMA Awards. We just can't stop staring at her shiny blonde waves, lush eyelashes and creamy pink lips.

WORST: Kacey Musgraves

kacey musgraves

What would Dolly Parton think of this bouffant hairstyle? While Musgraves' makeup is absolutely flawless, this big hairstyle is a total distraction.

WORST: Danielle de Niese

danielle de niese

The lyric soprano's heavy eyeliner and unflattering red-orange lipstick ages her well beyond her 35 years. Less makeup and a more polished hairdo would have turned this look around.

WORST: Brooke Candy

brooke candy

Candy is giving us "Lady Marmalade" vibes with this gelled pixie and costumey makeup. We get that this is her schtick but it's OK to switch it up every once in a while.

WORST: Kylie Minogue

kylie minogue

It pains us to see the Australian superstar wearing this dated pink shimmer eyeshadow that's too matchy-matchy with her off-the-shoulder top.

Best & Worst Beauty Looks