Camila Cabello's Vote For Standout 'Havana' Cover Goes To A Rubber Chicken

Yes, a rubber chicken version of the song exists.

Camila Cabello’s single “Havana” is so popular, even rubber chickens are getting into it. 

Ellen DeGeneres asked the singer for any standout covers of her hit single during an appearance on “The Ellen Show” Wednesday. 

“I’ve seen a couple [of covers],” Cabello responded. “The one that stands out right now, you know the one with the chicken?” DeGeneres immediately knew what the star was referring to and added, “That’s the one that stands out for everyone.” 

DeGeneres showed the audience the cover, which was posted by YouTube user Big Marvel in November, and the Cuban-born star said she had “so many questions” about the video.   

Cabello first heard the viral rubber chicken version of “Havana” while on “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” last week. At the time, the singer inquired about how the rubber chicken was actually able to hit different notes. 

“But I wonder if someone is changing the notes, did they go and tune it so that ... that’s just the chicken?” she asked Duran, who said there was no auto-tune involved. “Wow. So depending on if you squeeze the foot or if you squeeze the thigh, it’ll make a different note?” 

We’re not sure about squeezing different parts for different notes, Camila, but we’ll let readers be the judge of that. Check out the full rubber chicken version below.