Even Camila Cabello Can't Get Enough Of This Fan's Love Song For Her

Someone get the man a record deal!

If you build it, he will come. And if you write a love song about Camila Cabello, she will discover it four months later.

Earlier this week, some diligent Camila fans unearthed singer Evan Blum’s love song about the star. Blum’s ode to Cabello has been floating around YouTube since October, but the tune caught the singer’s attention just this week.

With lyrics like, “The world is a girl group and you’re my favorite member” and “Like Camila Cabello, you brighten my day-o, I’m losing the words to say-o,” it’s hard to imagine Cabello not loving the song. Unfortunately, Blum’s music video shows him performing the song for a girlfriend who seems less than impressed.

“I’m just a little confused ― was it about me or Camila Cabello?” Blum’s girlfriend asks at the end of the song.

“It was about you ... and Camila Cabello, a little bit,” Blum replies.

“We’re breaking up. You know that, right?” she concludes.

While Blum’s lady friend was not a fan of the track, it does have Cabello’s stamp of approval. Cabello tweeted about the song on Monday, saying she thought the ditty was “dope.”

Blum tweeted back at the 19-year-old singer, suggesting the two write a song together.

Cabello is currently working on her first solo album. We’ll just have to wait and see if a collaboration with Blum makes the cut.

Check out Blum’s full track below. Camila fans: We think you’ve found your new theme song.