Camila Cabello Rips Shawn Mendes Breakup Rumors In Most NSFW Way

The "Señorita" singers felt the breakup buzz was strong enough to warrant an online response.

Camila Cabello appeared to confirm that she’s still dating “Señorita” collaborator Shawn Mendes in a hilariously obscene Instagram story on Saturday.

The couple have been dogged by breakup rumors, apparently to the point that both felt the need to respond.

“Well when THE FUCK were you gonna tell me @shawnmendes,” she wrote above a photo of a headline that questioned the status of their relationship.


Mendes followed up hours later with a picture of the “Havana” performer kissing his cheek.

Seems like a coordinated effort to clap back at the scuttlebutt mill, no?

The pair does have a way of communicating with their fans. In September, they shared a video of them sloppily French kissing each other in a humorous reply to those who said they kissed like fish.

In fact, at least one report said whispers of a split began after Mendes deleted that video last week.