Camilla Catrambone's Family Portraits: Artist Uses Personal Treasures In Unique Homage To Relatives (PHOTOS)

Camilla Catrambone is a portrait photographer of sorts, yet her carefully arranged images -- homages to her family members -- feature no smiles, faces or even bodies. Instead, the Florence-based artist creates photographs of her relatives using personal belongings, ranging from leather satchels and handkerchiefs to blocks of cheese and cookware.

The series, simply titled "Portraits of my Family," shows these everyday treasures arranged in aesthetically organized, curiously captivating snapshots. "When I started doing this project, I felt that the objects belonging to my relatives, starting from the ones of my beloved grandparents, were still full of energy and were capable of reminding me of moments I shared with them," Catrambone stated in an email to The Huffington Post. "I started to feel the need to use them to go back to a precise memory."

camilla catrambone family portraits

In a portrait of her Grandpa Mario, for example, Catrambone reveals an old telephone, eyeglasses, cigarette papers, a stapler, and more to represent her memory of this particular family member.

"If I look at the image of my grandpa, Mario, I can go back in time when we sat at his writing table and fully feel the mood of that moment," she added. "The objects represented in the picture don't express the entire life of my grandpa, but the portrait deeply describes a moment I shared with him."

Scroll through the images below for a look at "Portraits of My Family" and let us know your thoughts on the project in the comments.

Camilla Catrambone's Family Portraits