Camilla Parker-Bowles Isn't Such A Great Cook, Says Her Son

They say Prince Charles fell in love with Camilla Parker-Bowles because of her sharp sense of humor. It appears, however, that her cooking may not have been an additional selling point.

"My mum's a good cook, but it wasn't about haute cuisine for her," Tom Parker-Bowles, Camilla's son, told The Telegraph. "It was just great, simple food using fresh ingredients, often from our garden, that she knew her children would like."

Of course, Tom, the duchess' son with former husband Andrew Parker Bowles, comes from an unfair vantage point to judge his mother's cooking, since he's a professional restaurant critic. "She didn't teach me to cook, but I watched her a lot," he explained. "Like most mothers, when I asked her how she did something she'd just say 'I put it in the oven.' So I didn't get many tips from that."

The Duchess of Cornwall's kitchen savvy doesn't seem to be a match for Kate Middleton's. The new mom has been known to whip up quite the feast, seducing Prince William with his favorite dish, roast chicken. In fact, Kate has taken quite a keen interest in entertaining, reportedly starting cooking lessons and making homemade pots of fruit jam to give out as Christmas presents in previous years. (Though the real, self-proclaimed "foodie" in the Middleton clan is Pippa, of course.) Princess Diana's personal chef even recalls the late Princess of Wales enjoying preparing pasta for house guests.

To be fair, we doubt we'd bother with inventive cooking if we had Buckingham Palace chefs at our disposal, either. Plus, people really swear Camilla can crack a good joke...

So many awkward photo ops...

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