Camille Grammer On 'Joy Behar': Why Kelsey Denied Me Sex, Cuddling (VIDEO)

Camille Grammer: Why Kelsey Denied Me Sex, Cuddling

Camille Grammer visited 'The Joy Behar Show' on Monday and talked about the end of her sex life with estranged husband Kelsey.

"We tried. We just didn't mesh sexually," she told Joy, when asked to explain her admission on 'The View' that she and Kelsey had not been intimate for more than two years before they separated.

"Was it his fault or your fault or both?" Joy asked.

"Could be both, but it was more on his end," Camille said. Not only did Kelsey deny her sex, she added, but he also refused to cuddle with her--for a surprising reason.

"He was too busy watching FOX News," she said. "He didn't want to cuddle."

Kelsey is seeking a quickie divorce from Camille so that he may marry his young fiancee, Kayte Walsh, as early as February.

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