Camp Biscayne 'Tree House' On The Market In Coconut Grove For $2.699 Million (PHOTOS)

If "Camp Biscayne" sounds like the "Troop Beverly Hills" version of roughing it in Miami, well, that's not far off. The former 1920s winter resort, established on a waterfront slice of Coconut Grove, was an alluring yet rustic camp that catered to posh visitors such as Alexander Graham Bell and various Rockefellers for spartan activities like fishing and sailing.

Now, Camp Biscayne is one of Coconut Grove's sweetest secrets, a tropical bucolic neighborhood with just 11 homes on a well-preserved hammock, all tucked away beyond a shingled wooden gatehouse. Homes in Camp Biscayne don't hit the market that often, but when they do, well, check out the amazing three-bedroom property nicknamed "The Tree House," for sale for $2.699 million, in photos below.

According to, the Tree House was built in 1987 in a style reminiscent of "Old Miami." Walls of glass let natural light flood the house, wood is used liberally in ceilings and trim, and the surroundings will make a Florida native's heart flutter with towering oaks and palms. The home's 3,444 square feet also includes four full bathrooms, a renovated chef's kitchen, and a pool with privacy provided by nature.

After viewing hundreds of Miami McMansions and overstuffed luxury homes, we think it's pretty special. Let us know if you disagree in the comments! Photos courtesy

Coconut Grove 'Treehouse': $2.699 Million
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