'Camp Gyno' Ad Gets It Oh-So Right, Makes Us Proud To Be Women (VIDEO)

Every woman has a story about her first period. But unless you used yours as an opportunity to become your summer camp's designated gyno on a power trip, we highly doubt your tale tops the epic first period narrative told in our new favorite ad of the year: Hello Flo's "Camp Gyno" commercial.

In the ad, a lonely camper receives her "red badge of courage," and leverages the opportunity to become the designated camp gynecologist. She becomes "[the campers'] Joan of Arc," until the other girls discover Hello Flo, which, according to its website, "is a monthly subscriptions service for your period" that sends customers boxes full of tampons, pads and pantyliners, as well as a stash of candy. Or, as the camp gyno describes it: "like Santa for your vagina."

Hello Flo's founder, Naama Bloom, told the Wall Street Journal that the idea for the company was born from her own desire for a period reminder service that went beyond an app, and actually provided sanitary products. It was a brilliantly simple business model that a lot of men didn't get. "I've certainly had some men ask me what I would sell next, as if half the world's population that menstruates once a month isn’t a big enough business," Bloom told The Verge in March of this year. "There are men out there who don't think this is a very big market, but it’s $8 billion a year in the US."

While Hello Flo's ad is undeniably adorable Buzzfeed also observed that the commercial goes beyond cute by actually using words most "sanitary feminine products" ads are afraid to mention, like "vagina," "menstruation" and "period."

It's more than a little bit refreshing to see an ad that recognizes women have a sense of humor about their bodies -- and advertises a product that actually helps women in a practical way.