Campaign Ad Takes Palin's Palm Scrawls Viral (VIDEO)

Like many, I noted that objectively speaking, it was pretty comical for sometime-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to make teleprompter jokes when she was scrawling notations on the palm of her hand. But I had a feeling that Palinistas would come to treat her inky palm as a form of symbolic stigmata. And, look! Right on time, here's an ad from Donn Janes, running for Congress in Tennessee, using Palin's hand as a motif.

The truth is, this is a pretty effective ad overall. There are going to be a lot of candidates who will wish they thought of this first. Indie rock purists will deduct five points for the use of Jewel's schmaltziest song, but it makes for great Alaska synergy.

Fun fact: Until it zoomed in, I thought that the guy who wrote "Integrity" on his hand had actually written "Telepathy." That would have been pretty awesome.


This comes via Dave Weigel, who notes that Janes vows that he will "vehemently oppose any measure giving another country, the United Nations or any other entity power over U.S. citizens." He should really check out that whole Citizens United decision!

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