Campaign Mounts To Get Betty White To Host SNL

Campaign Mounts To Get Betty White To Host SNL

Betty White has never hosted "Saturday Night Live." That all could change if the mounting internet campaign has anything to say about it. Legions of fans have showed their support, joining facebook pages and demanding the attention of "SNL."

Getting White on SNL should be a no-brainer. She's been in show-business for eight decades, and yet, she has never hosted the show that's often a rite of passage for comedic performers. But for some reason people like George Steinbrenner have? That makes no sense. Steinbrenner can't take a hit like Betty. And he sure can't tell a joke.

This push may be harder than the precedent-setting campaign to get Tracy Morgan to join Twitter, as it'll require more than White sitting down at a computer to type something outlandish. It'll take getting the attention of the big wigs over at SNL. So that's where you come in folks. This is a call to action. This is the time you step up, join a facebook group, and then let the power of the internet works its magic.

Betty would appreciate it.

UPDATE: Betty chatted with Diane Sawyer about being a Facebook phenom.

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