Campaign To Get Tracy Morgan To Join Twitter Succeeds! [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Congratulations are in order to OMGICU, who have succeeded in getting Tracy Morgan to join Twitter. And just in time for Morgan to weigh in on the moon bombing, maybe!

Going live, today, here is the "verified account" of Tracy Morgan:

Hawt. Follow immediately, obviously.


It's not every day that I get the chance to endorse a cause whose worth is so evident on its face that to oppose it would mark you as a howling idiot from the dark side of the moon, but today is one of those days. And in this hour of need, let me lend my voice and say, YES: Tracy Morgan should definitely join Twitter.

This merits of this idea, which is being primarily promoted by celeb-stalky site OMGICU, are really, very obvious. Let us review. Twitter is a service that allows users to instantaneously post their most random thoughts to the internet. And no one has more random thoughts than 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan. You bring the two together and BOOM: whole=greater than sum of its parts. In fact, it is hard to believe that the creation of Twitter was not inspired by the existence of Tracy Morgan. God knows it wasn't designed with Chuck Grassley in mind. Please.

Surely, the prospect of Tracy Morgan joined Twitter represents the Sum Of All Tweets. So, let us stop yelling at each other for one second and do this, America. That is all.


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