Campaign Trail PDA: The Obama/Biden Edition (SLIDESHOW)

This was originally posted October 23rd.


By this point in the campaign, it's pretty obvious that presidential elections bring out the best in public displays of affection. But it's not just spouses who have all the fun - running mates get plenty of PDA-mazing moments, too. Check out the Obamas and the Bidens sharing hugs, kisses, and intimate moments galore as evidenced in the slideshow below.

In the November issue of Vogue, Jill spoke of becoming fast friends with Michelle after the Bidens joined the ticket:

"We began to like each other, and it became a truly warm relationship. We just clicked on so many levels. And our families, I mean, heck! Her mother is so wonderful, and she and her brother get along. It was just this mesh of families. My granddaughters went to a sleepover with Sasha and Malia and had a great time. Toward the end of that week, we were about to say goodbye, and Michelle and I put our arms around each other and she said, 'I love you,' and I said, 'I love you, too.' I mean, in a week it got to that point--and it wasn't phony! I think
that's very unusual--maybe for two men to sort of hit it off it's not--but I think it's more unusual for two women to click so quickly."

And, according to Michelle, the feelings are mutual:

"When I first gave her a hug," says Michelle, "I could feel that she was, like, real people. You know? You can sort of tell. She was sweet, down-to-earth and very open and honest, and I liked her right away. And now I just love her to death. She's raised great kids. I think our families are a lot alike."


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