Campbell Brown Hits White House For Criticism Of Fox News (VIDEO)

CNN host Campbell Brown criticized the White House tonight for their accusations of bias at Fox News. During her "No Bias, No Bull" segment, Brown aired a clip of an interview with senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett in which Jarrett was quick to label Fox News as biased but refused to do the same for MSNBC.

For Brown, this means that the White House has lost credibility in this argument because Fox News has been "upfront and pretty unapologetic" about their conservative bent in their prime time lineup, and MSNBC has a liberal slant to its prime time hosts. Brown then states what she sees as the "obvious":

Jarrett seems loath to admit that MSNBC has a bias. And that is where I think the White House loses all credibility on this issue. Just as Fox News leans to the right with their opinionated hosts in prime time, MSNBC leans left. I don't think anyone at Fox or MSNBC would disagree. In fact both Fox News and MSNBC are doing quite well in the prime time ratings by doing partisan opinion.

That last part is perhaps a tender spot for CNN, as they have recently sunk to last place in the prime-time demographic. As for bias at Fox News and MSNBC, the White House, along with many others, would argue that the conservative leanings of their prime-time anchors have bled into their mainstream news coverage. Brown concludes that if the White House wants to enter the conversation of bias in the media, they need to discuss on both the right and the left.


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