Campbell Brown Holds Paulson, Bush Accountable For Crisis: "Seriously, What Were You Thinking?"

Campbell Brown continued her streak of keeping politicians' feet to the fire Wednesday night, laying into President Bush and Secretary Paulson over their lack of accountability for the current financial crisis and urging the leaders to allow "scrutiny and debate" over the bailout proposal before Congress.

Brown first played a series of clips of the two over the last six months reassuring Americans that the economy was strong, then said, "today, of course, they have been proven completely wrong....This administration missed the boat on this crisis."

Brown also said she found it "amazing" that the administration was "surprised that Congress and the American people are not marching in lock-stop with them on this." She continued:

"Secretary Paulson, frankly, you didn't help the situation with your initial imperious request to Congress that you be handed this money and that your decisions on what to do with it — your language here — "may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency." Seriously, what were you thinking?"

Finally, continuing her call for transparency, Brown urged leaders to allow "scrutiny and debate" on the bailout plan:

"Now, I know everyone is screaming about how urgent this crisis is, that action must be taken immediately. But I love and live by former Supreme Court Justice Brandeis' great quote: 'Sunshine is the best disinfectant.' What we need is scrutiny and debate. If it has to happen quickly, then do it fast. But without grandstanding, or political posturing. Serious scrutiny and debate — and that should happen whether we are talking about a giant piece of legislation that is going to affect all of our lives, or whether we are talking about our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates."