Campbell Surges Ahead In CA Senate Race, Despite/Because Of Bonkers Demon Sheep Ad

Three weeks ago, California Senate contender Carly Fiorina unleashed the most talked-about political attack of the campaign year, assailing her primary rival, former California Congressman Tom Campbell, as a "FCINO," which means "Fiscal Conservative In Name Only," which she artistically depicted as a sheep with demon eyes. And no one in the world could understand what the hell she was talking about! But the effects of the attack have been felt: Campbell is now even more ahead in the polls than he already was.

Tom Campbell has opened up a lead over Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore in the U.S. Senate race according to the M4Strategies poll for the Small Business Action Committee.

In a survey of 427 high-propensity Republican voters conducted last week, Campbell received 32% of the vote to Fiorina's 18.5% and DeVore's 11%.

That Campbell benefited from the bizarre attack-ad is understandable, considering the fact that the Fiorina campaign chose to depict "fiscal conservatives" as an insensate herd of baying sheep, being menaced by a guy crawling around on the ground wearing a pelt. It's just hard to appeal to constituents by insulting them, and then menacing them, with something that sprang from an acid trip.

The hilarious side note to all of this is that no one in the race is working harder to capitalize on the Demon Sheep frenzy than perennial poll-loser Chuck DeVore. For a guy who didn't come up with the DemonSheep idea and who wasn't mentioned by name in the ad, it's amazing how he keeps trying to make it all work for him. He's got another confusing website dedicated to DemonSheep, which I wish you good luck in comprehending. Watching DeVore desperately try to horn in on the real action in the race is amusing as all get out, but it's not doing his campaign a lick of good.

At any rate, the Fiorina campaign promised that the coming days of campaigning would spawn "equally if not more shocking web-based ads or videos." I'm guessing that Tom Campbell is hoping this is true.

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