Campbell's Soup K-Cups Are Here, Since Cans Aren't Easy Enough

Soup, there it is.

If microwaving, pot-stirring, or otherwise interacting with your food in ANY way causes too much stress, then never fear: Campbell's soup now comes in K-cup form, so you can just plug and chug your way to majorly effortless chicken-noodle bliss.

The new soup K-cups, from Campbell's and Keurig Green Mountain, come in two flavors of broth: Homestyle Chicken and Southwest Style Chicken. Pop them into your Keurig machine like you would a coffee pod, let them brew, then add the accompanying noodle packet to your bowl and stir.

Could this be more instant than instant ramen?!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Campbell's and Keurig announced their soup K-cup plan in 2013, but it has taken two years to get the formula just right, Campbell's marketing director of innovation told USA Today.

He added that if Keurig users are concerned about their soup tasting like coffee, they should run a brew cycle after using the Campbell's K-cups.

For now, you can purchase the K-cups on Keurig's website, in an 8-count box for $11.99. They're also in grocery stores and will soon be available on Amazon.

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