Campfire Girlfriends and Living the Creed of Thankfulness

It took a couple of dry sticks. And there was fire. A great invention for our survival and thrival. That's what we do. Create fire. Play with fire. Cook with fire. Tend to the fire. Fire Good.

Tending to our own fire, our lives, our passions, generates our own gratitude for what we have created. We can offer others a warm place to come for respite. We can share our campfire with our worthy tribe and we can place a no trespassing sign out for those that we know don't belong in our fire circle. When I think of my life as this little charming powerful and welcoming place for me to hang my party dresses and warm my heart I am lifted up. I like my fire most of the time. When I don't, when its running on embers, I add some kindling. Kinship is my kindling. Sometimes I gather my favorites around and we make more life together around this fire of mine. I like to share my campfire with my people. And then again some times I am alone tending and enjoying the warmth solo. Because this Little Light of Mine is truly mine-I am dedicated to keeping the metaphor stoked.

I am pretty certain my mamma placed us in the Blue Birds so she could have a few hours a week where the crafts and the bead and badge earnings were thankfully on our troupe leader's watch and her Brady Brunch style rec room floors rather than her own. I loved selling the Camp Fire Girl Mints-that is until I overdosed on a box of the wares I was to sell. It took me a decade to appreciate Junior Mints and Peppermint Paddies after that indulgence. We had darling blue outfits and we went away to Camp Tahoma in July for a weeks time. I loved camp. The camaraderie, the trees to climb the paths to forge. The best part of the days were the closing hours around the camp fire. We sang songs, burned marshmallows and felt such reverence for one another. All of life was good around the fire gatherings.

It was a tearful departure when the week came to a close. I felt summer camp sad which would followed me home for a few days or so. I would recite the Creed we were taught by the fire and it would warm my little Blue Bird heart and fend off the melancholy moment.

The Creed for which young little Blue Birds and Camp Fire ladies pledge in their dear little hearts, follows : Workship God, Seek Beauty, Give Service and Knowledge Pursue. Be trustworthy ever, in all that you do, Hold Fast onto Health. And your work Glorify, and you will be happy, the law of Camp Fire. If you have an extra moment please reread the Creed. Doesn't this feel like a Mission Statement we could all Honor? It's brilliance I wish I had constructed myself. This is a pledge that I am grateful to make to myself and to those my presence matters. These words lift me up. May this creed inspire you to add some lighter fluid to your amazing camp fire life.