Camping It Up: 11 Incredible Camping Experiences

From sleeping suspended over a valley from a cliff-edge to glamping in high style on the plains of the Serengeti, these are 11 of the most incredible and unique camping experiences in the world.
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From sleeping suspended over a valley from a cliff-edge to glamping in high style on the plains of the Serengeti, these are 11 of the most incredible and unique camping experiences in the world.

Skylodge Adventure Suites - Peru


Not for the faint of heart, these transparent pods dangle 400 metres above the ground from a mountain cliff in the Sacred Valley, affording sensational panoramic views of this beautiful region of Peru.

To reach the camp, you will have to either clamber up the 400 metres of Via Ferrata or hike and zip-line your way to the base, led by a professional guide. Once there, you'll be rewarded by a gourmet dinner, wine - and those views.

There are three sturdy pods with four beds in each 'suite', dining areas and private bathrooms. There's solar-powered lighting to illuminate the pods when night falls, and even curtains, should vertigo get the better of you.



Mobile Tented Safari - Botswana


While this mobile camp is not the most luxurious tented camp in Africa, it does promise one of the most fascinating, exciting safaris you're likely to experience.

Explore the Okavango Delta with the true flexibility that a mobile camp offers. Although there's no electricity, you'll be far from 'roughing it'; the tents are decked out in 1920s-style furnishings, with feather bedding, cotton sheets, iron bed frames, copper water jugs and paraffin lamps.

For the ultimate mobile safari, book one of the best guides in Africa: Ralph Bousfield. Find out more about Ralph's last two available safaris for 2015.



Whichaway Camp - Antarctica


Surely a contender for any bucket list, camping in Antarctica is one of the most adventurous ways to experience the White Continent.

Despite the hostile environment, the six pods of Whichaway Camp offer excellent levels of comfort. The domed white capsules are insulated and heated, with double or twin beds and an en-suite toilet.

Rather than having to base oneself at sea, the camping option allows explorers to see more of this stark landscape, with ice caves, penguin colonies, hiking, abseiling and climbing all available from the camp.



Four Seasons Tented Camp - Thailand


Thailand's north is one of the most beautiful regions of the country, with lush jungles and forest-clad hills. It's also home to the best elephant camps in Thailand.

Set in a thick bamboo forest and on a riverbank just outside Chiang Rai, the Four Seasons Tented Camp features 15 spacious tents, each lavishly furnished with king beds, private decks, heating, outdoor showers and big, two-person copper tubs. You can also choose to arrive by traditional long-tail boat, if travelling by car doesn't seem quite exotic enough.

This is the most lavish base from which to go elephant trekking and discover a more traditional side to Thailand. After a ride through the jungle, decompress with a 90-minute massage designed specifically for elephant trekking.



Mount Kilimanjaro - Tanzania


Leaving luxury to one side, Kilimanjaro is all about the experience. Climbing this mountain is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that leaves climbers - almost literally - breathless.

Kili is the highest peak in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Climbers will experience an array of landscapes before they reach the snow-capped summit - known as the 'roof of Africa' - from verdant forests to parched savannah.

At the end of an exhausting day on the mountain, you'll look forward to taking the weight off your feet at the Maasai-style dining table and then crawling into your warm sleeping bag in your own tent - even in the absence of a two-person Jacuzzi on its outdoor deck.



Singita Explore Tented Camp - Tanzania


Based in the Singita Grumeti private reserve, Singita Explore is designed in the style of the first safaris of the early 20th century - albeit an incredibly luxurious version.

This Serengeti camp is booked on a private-use basis, with six tents in total, each with comfortable camp beds, canvas chairs, and big wooden trunks. The camp moves with the game, so you're guaranteed the best wildlife-spotting opportunities available in the reserve.

As well as game drives, you can explore the Grumeti by horseback on one of the camp's special equestrian safaris. Families are well catered for: kids can embark on a mini rangers' course, while the adults kick back with a glass or three of some of Singita's enviable collection of premier wine.


Thorsmörk Canyon Camping - Iceland


From May to September, this private camping trip takes place in the stunning area of Thorsmörk, in a protected valley surrounded by three glaciers and close to the volcanoes Eyjafjallajökull (we all know that one) and Fimmvörðuháls.

Spend a night camping in expedition tents in a remote canyon, armed with warm sleeping bags, foam isolation mattresses and thermarest air mattresses to keep out the chilly night air.

During this expedition, you'll hike around the trails, canyons and creeks of the area; embark on superjeep tours; enjoy evening barbecues around the campfire; and, for the adventurous, trek up the Fimmvörðuháls volcano.



Galápagos Safari Camp - Galápagos Islands


A cruise is the most common choice for people visiting the Galápagos Islands, but being land-based often allows for a more in-depth and relaxed exploration of this unique land.

The Galápagos Safari Camp is based on Santa Cruz island and has nine luxury, safari-style tents, with double beds, en-suite bathrooms and private terraces. There's a main lodge with an infinity pool, restaurant and lounge, all decorated with the eclectic antiques and furnishings collected by the owners during their travels.

Being based on an island doesn't mean you'll miss out on all the activities of a cruise. There are various trips available from the camp, including scuba diving with gliding rays and colourful fish shoals; island tours to visit lazy sea lion colonies; and even specialised surf and yoga trips.



Amanwana, Moyo Island - Indonesia


If you like the idea of camping, but aren't so keen on the reality, then Amanwana might be just the ticket.

Located on its own Indonesian island, Moyo, Amanwana is just a 90-minute flight from Bali. There are 20 tents that make up the camp, but the term 'tent' is to be used loosely; with hardwood floors, large windows and even air-conditioning, the only thing that really makes these structures seem like tents is the canvas roof.

From the island, which is also a protected nature reserve, guests can take a morning kayak around the bay; soak up the romance of the setting on a sunset cruise; discover waterfalls hidden in the jungle; or embrace the 'glamping' theme with a campfire dinner.



Patagonia Camp, Torres del Paine - Chile


Luxury camps in South America are hard to come by, but Patagonia Camp is undoubtedly amongst the best.

The 18 luxury yurts are located just outside the sublime Torres del Paine National Park, making for easy access from the camp. You can take treks of varying difficulty, go horse riding, kayak around the lakes, or take a boat trip up the Serrano River to visit some of the region's gigantic glaciers.

Overlooking a Patagonian lake, surrounded by emerald-green forests and jagged, snow-capped peaks, each of the yurts is - thankfully - heated, but with plenty of opportunities to imbibe the scenery, from the private terrace to the star-gazing skylight.



Bukima Tented Camp - Democratic Republic of Congo


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) used to be a very difficult place to travel to, but things are changing and the country is slowly opening up to visitors. Virunga National Park - Africa's oldest national park and the subject of a major new award-winning documentary - is one of central Africa's new top destinations.

The main draws are the mountain gorillas; indeed, they were the main reason the park was founded back in 1925. From Bukima Tented Camp, which is just outside the park and was originally used by researchers, you can head off on gorilla treks - unless they happen to come to you, which sometimes happens much to the park staff's disapproval.

The tents are set on platforms with thatched roofs and adjacent bathrooms. From the camp, the view is spectacular, with Mt. Mikeno towering in one direction and the active volcano Nyiragongo illuminating the night's sky with its ominous red glow in another.


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