Here Are 10 Of The Most LGBTQ-Friendly Universities And Colleges

Campus Pride's annual survey honors schools that lead the way for queer inclusion.

Inclusion is, as always, a priority among LGBTQ students as they ship off to colleges and universities across the country, and the annual Campus Pride Index aims to once again serve as a comprehensive resource for those concerned about that criteria. 

Given the Trump administration’s recent reversal of trans student protections at the federal level, researchers feel the safety of LGBTQ students has reached a breaking point. As in previous years, the 2017 Campus Pride Index is based on research regarding policies, programs and practices conducted by Campus Pride, and serves as a national benchmarking tool to assess the queer-friendly nature of individual schools. 

“If you are looking for the most trusted, reliable list of LGBTQ-friendly colleges, then you have found the right one,” Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride and creator of the Campus Pride Index, said in a press release. “These are the campuses leading the way for LGBTQ inclusion and who have come out to support LGBTQ students from the first day of classes through graduation day.”

As Dr. Sue Rankin, the volunteer director of Campus Pride’s Q Research Institute for Higher Education, said of the study: “In the current political climate, where executive orders by the president of the United States are rescinding decades of progressive work, this work on college campuses is more important than ever.” 

Take a look at 10 of the 25 most-LGBTQ friendly universities and colleges (in no particular order) below, and then head here to check out the full survey.

  • San Diego State University
    Kent Horner via Getty Images
  • University of Washington
    DuKai photographer via Getty Images
  • Tufts University
    Boston Globe via Getty Images
  • Pennsylvania State University
    ERIC THAYER / Reuters
  • University of Louisville
    adamkaz via Getty Images
  • Princeton University
    Eduardo Munoz / Reuters
  • Ohio State University
    smontgom65 via Getty Images
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
    wellesenterprises via Getty Images
  • Washington State University
    DragonImages via Getty Images
  • Rutgers University
    luvemakphoto via Getty Images

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