Can A Hidden Camera Improve Your Sex Life?

04/01/2008 05:12am ET | Updated November 17, 2011

A video camera in the bedroom: naughty way to spice up your sex life--or therapeutic tool to reveal deeper truths about your relationship?

Both, says Michael Alvear, a gay Atlanta-based sexpert who spent three seasons with The Sex Inspectors, a British television show in which he and his co-host analyzed video footage of long-term couples. Their goal? To help the twosomes get their passion back, both in and out of the sack.

Since it aired in 2004, the show has appeared on HBO and has been duplicated in about a dozen countries. I had a chat with Alvear to get the real take on what happens both on-screen and behind the scenes when the film is rolling--and to find out what you can learn by inviting an all-seeing camera into your bedroom.

So, tell us about your role in The Sex Inspectors.

Basically, I was the co-presenter, as they say in England, the "agony uncle," which is what they call a man who gives advice. My job was to look at the edited tapes of the couples having sex--or more to the point, not having sex--and to come up with a plan to help them start having sex again. Or to start having better sex.