Can Anyone Really Meditate in This Age of Kali?

Can Anyone Really Meditate in This Age of Kali?
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Not all meditations are equal. Meaning not everything that is called "meditation" is actually a proper practice. Look at yoga for instance. Yoga from thousands of years ago has been a spiritual practice of self-realization with 99 percent of its philosophies, rituals and practices having nothing to do with physical postures. But now most people call the physical part of the practice yoga.

Actually, most people don't know much about yoga beyond the physical movements. In this very materialistic age we tend to over-simplify everything into a physical or material form as it is a tangible way for us to understand it. But the dilemma is that meditation is not tangible to the mind. It is beyond it.

In this age of Kali, meditation has been defined and explained mostly by people who have never reached any state of true meditation. The rishis, gurus and yogis of past gave us an insight into meditation and they have all said the same thing; meditation cannot be defined or explained but only experienced. They have also explained how many different levels of meditation there are. But they did not describe most of the proper techniques in books as they didn't want the average person to misuse them. The gurus or yogis passed on their teachings verbally, or telepathically, to the student.

What people generally explain as meditation is what the sage Patanjali defines as Dharana or Concentration. In The One Plan which is based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, I stop the teaching of the lessons at concentration because once you manage to practice this level fully then meditation will happen on its own at some stage once (and only once) you have mastered concentration.

It isn't realistic to think you are going to come and sit after a busy day and just go into meditation. You first need the correct practice method, then to practice daily so you are able to move through the different levels and lastly to follow the correct guidance by a proper teacher. This is the correct way for anyone to eventually be able to meditate.

We are now in the age of Kali Yuga. There are four ages and Kali is the most dense of them all. Yuga means age and during the age of Kali everything is very confusing and heavy. That is why materialism, war, conflict, dissatisfaction, misinformation are very prevalent at this moment. It is much easier for people to start a fight than to keep the peace. It is the age of Ego, which is all reflected in how we live as a society.

Our food, our water, our air etc. are all becoming extinct and we are trying to replace it with polluted versions or replicas. This is how Kali is. Very fiery and very hot. We can even see this in the environment and with global warming. Everyone and everything is becoming hotter and with this heat is coming more mental and physical destruction towards others and ourselves.

So meditation is a great tool to use to combat all this heat we are producing but we need to jump back and start to do this as taught by the sages and rishis who had the sacred knowledge and taught the true methods. Anything taught which is new and thought up in the mind of someone or modified from its original method is not of any use to anyone. It won't carry the same power or create the same energy for you to be able to fall into meditation.

In this age of Kali it is very difficult to meditate and get the mind to focus but it is possible if we take the correct steps by having the correct meditation method as our guide.

The more you live the meditative, healthy, and spiritual lifestyle the more you will be supporting your practice from a 360 angle.

This is how you will meditate in this time of Kali.

Yogi Cameron

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