Can Being a Worrier Add Years to Your Life?

This week I was sitting in the Denver airport waiting for my flight. All of a sudden a very large storm blew across the airport.
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This week I was sitting in the Denver airport waiting for my flight. All of a sudden a very large storm blew across the airport. Paper and cardboard were being blown all over the runways. Huge dark clouds covered the airport and all flights were immediately held for a weather delay. If you have flown before, you know that when you have weather like this you usually have a pretty rough ride after take off.

When we finally boarded the plane and were ready to taxi down the runway, the pilot's voice came on the intercom and told us to expect a rough flight as we went through the storm. The lady across the aisle from me suddenly looked sick. In fact, she stopped the flight attendant and asked if there was a place for her to lie down. I watched the flight attendants clear three seats so she could rest. Now prior to the pilot's announcement she looked just fine to me.

Well... the pilot was right. It was a pretty rough flight heading through the storm but after about 30 minutes of getting roughed up a bit, something really miraculous happened. Suddenly we were in beautiful sunlight watching the dark clouds disappear below us. The flight smoothed out, sunshine was flowing in through the windows and there were only blue skies. We left the terrible storm far below us.

Now as I think of the storm and of the woman on the plane I described earlier, I can't help but think about our daily lives. We have life storms that blow into our lives very quickly. Health storms, financial storms, family storms, and the list is endless. All of a sudden, like the woman on the plane, we aren't feeling very well. We begin to worry and we're looking around for a place to lie down and fret. We spend our time worrying about things that will never happen. Imagine if you could total all the time in your life you spent worrying about things that never happened. What a waste of our time. As my son often says around our house, don't borrow trouble from tomorrow. Let's change our perspective on life and stop worrying about things that probably will never happen. Scripture makes it very clear. In Matthew Chapter 6 we read this:

Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

Let me answer that for you. No they can't. So... put your worries behind you, put on your seat belt, put on the armor of God, and watch the storm clouds disappear as you fly into the sunlight of God's plan for your life.

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