Can Companies Buy Engagement?

Working with corporate high performers and Olympic athletes has allowed me to teach them a lot about their inner resources. I have always approached coaching people from a perspective of making the client independently successful without building a dependency on my services or on my physical and mental presence.

I remember coaching one of the best alpine ski racers in the world. Teaching him tools and techniques that ultimately became his internal resources to handle stressful situations (and I can tell you - there are many stressful situations when your speedometer shows 130 km on an icy ski hill) in a way that made him independent from me and enabling him to act intuitively and authentically. Athletes describe this being in 'the Zone'.

So let's visualize this athlete speeding faster on a ski hill in between those red and blue ski flags than what you are allowed to drive with your car on a highway. The athlete is fully emerged in the racing process, with high anticipation and in a state of alert presence. Fully engaged in his doing.

Now lets move from a ski hill to the corporate environment were an increased level of engagement in the working force would improve performance, productivity, customer satisfaction and will positively affect the bottom line. It would also help with identification, interest and creativity - to name only a few.

Here is how this can work very effectively:
Engagement in the working force is a logical consequence when we act authentically from our heart. When we feel the desire to help we are able to find solutions. The notion is on the word 'feel' and a pre-requisite for an authentic expression of us. This expression deeply rooted in our heart is the key for people to engage themselves on a corporate level, on a personal level, in relationships and overall: LIFE.

As long as we are anxious, judgmental, and guilty which is generated in our mind (What are my co-workers thinking of me? Am I good enough for this position?) we are far away from acting authentically and from our heart-centered awareness.

Meditation, breathing techniques and intentions can create an understanding of our internal resources. Once we become aware on the inside it will become visible on the outside. The connection with our authenticity paves the way towards engagement.

Dirk Stroda coaches some of the best athletes globally, CEO's and entrepreneurs in Canada and the US.