Is Your Lover Good Enough For You? Rates Your Mate

For anyone who's ever asked herself, 'can I do better?,' a newly revamped dating website,, is here to help you evaluate whether you're too cool (or too hot) for your current mate.

Blast Apps has relaunched an improved version of, a social networking and dating site where, CNN Money reports, 'single men and women can upload pictures of a possible dating partner and get recommendations from users about their possible suitor.'

Following a layout similar to's, CanDoBetter displays photos of possible matches (animal, vegetable, or mineral--seriously) and lets visitors to the site vote whether 'he' can do better, 'she' can do better, or 'perfect match' if both partners are getting what they deserve. See an example below.

In short, it's an opportunity for users to mine the wisdom of crowds for their love life (albeit in a different way than

'We understand singles are searching for quality, not quantity, and increases the odds of finding a suitable dating partner,' Dino Luzzi, CEO of Blast Applications Inc. said in the company's March 12 press release.