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Can Doing Household Chores Be Fun?

And I don't hate Saturdays anymore having realized that small and, at first sight, irrelevant things can be of great help in our lives, it just depends on how we view them.
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I have always hated physical kind of work, be it cleaning, cooking or gardening, as I have always thought of it as a waste of precious time that could be used for more important things like reading a book, learning something new or simply watching a nice movie. To maintain the least work, I chose to live in one bedroom apartment (so no gardening) and to eat out (with some exceptions) rather than cook. Well, the cleaning part has still remained. I used to do the cleaning on Saturdays, and that was partially the reason I didn't like Saturdays. I thought of doing household chores as, in a way, something humiliating.

I first heard about the concept of overthinking during one of my classes in psychology at the Institute of postgraduate education. Really, quite often we tend to think too much about the future or such never ending philosophical questions about the essence of life, truth and reality or simply about our current problems. But we often forget that there are things that are not within our control, and there are situations, in which we can hardly do anything. Overthinking can become a kind of a trap that we put ourselves into. There are quite a lot of articles dealing with this issue and giving valuable advice on the importance of ceasing to overthink. Indeed, the situation wouldn't change if you constantly think about it, while on the contrary, by letting something go, you can suddenly see the solution to the problem.

But, of course, it's not easy to let constant thoughts go, especially when you are prone to overanalyzing things. In this situation, your thoughts become your enemies and can intoxicate you and leave with a lot of stress, depression and can even become the cause of the existential crisis. There is also a danger of entering the magic circle, from which there is no way out. You think too much about the situation, the situation doesn't change (or even becomes worse), you think about it again, then everything seems meaningless....and the circle closes. One of the options is to seek help and see a professional psychotherapist. But there is an easier way out, and it is - to do some physical activities or, if you don't like sport or have some contra-indications for doing it, - you can do something as simple as cleaning your house or apartment.

Being one of those people who suffer from overthinking, I suddenly discovered that doing some plain things that involve body movements, help me get distracted and clear up my thoughts. After such simple discovery, I looked at doing household chores quite differently and started really enjoying it. The main thing for me was to find the most comfortable cleaning tools that will not get me frustrated and just help do the work.

Now, whenever I am overwhelmed with thoughts and don't have any time or desire to go to the gym, I would turn on my favorite music and start cleaning the apartment, which is quite good both for my physical and mental health. And I don't hate Saturdays anymore having realized that small and, at first sight, irrelevant things can be of great help in our lives, it just depends on how we view them.

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