Can Hipsters Kill the Mason Jar?

Can Hipsters Kill the Mason Jar?
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At first I thought it was cool. I love Mason jars and have used them for years, then suddenly they were everywhere. Bars. Restaurants. Coffee shops! I was thrilled because four years ago I launched a project on Kickstarter for a specialty Mason jar lid that makes it the most multi-functional container on the planet. What great timing! But then it spilled over to weddings, Mason jar décor, crocheted koozies. Uh oh. Wedding and décor trends don’t usually last and anti-hipster comments started to include Mason jars! Can Mason jars outlast current trends?

The world's most versatile container.
The world's most versatile container.

Here is my reCAP of the future of Mason jars:

  1. Imposters will be clearanced and gone. Good riddance to knock-off products that look like Mason jars but don’t actually have any of the qualities: standard size, versatile, sustainable.
  2. Wedding receptions will move on to the next trend. Keeping the charm of a few well-placed Mason jars, there will be ever-changing drink ware and accessories. While it might not take center stage, the Mason jar has earned a permanent place at the table.
  3. Peculiar uses of Mason jars will dwindle to sardonic statements. Like eating hot dogs out of Mason jars. Really. We will continue to create and explore cool, problem solving applications, like fermenting.
  4. Mason jars will remain the most multipurpose container in our home. We will preserve in them, store pantry items in them, organize with them, and drink smoothies and fresh water from them. Mason jars will help our future world say goodbye to single use plastic water bottles!

So yes, trends will come and go but Mason jars are here to stay. The young urban creative has just tapped the surface! Now that you have a mountain of Mason jars check out my next post – 5 Steps To Declutter: Are Mason Jars the Problem or the Solution?

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