Can I Ever Trust Men Again?


Men can't be trusted with a woman's heart. They have no idea how to care, protect and nurture a woman like she wants and needs.

If any part of you believes this, then listen up! Those thoughts may be true, but there is much more to the story.

The reason you believe this is most likely because you attract the type of man who can't be trusted with your heart. However, there are plenty of men out there who can be trusted with your heart and will go above and beyond to honor, protect and nurture you.

You Are What You Attract

There is a reason men who can't be trusted show up in your life over and over. You are what you attract. These men are simply of reflection of yourself. There is something that has happened that has caused you not to fully trust yourself to care for, protect and nurture your own heart.

The foundation of any amazing relationship starts with self-love. When you fully love and trust yourself, you attract people who reflect that back to you.

Learning This Lesson The Hard Way

In my mid 20's I dated a wonderful man for over 4 years. He was trustworthy, loyal and knew how to protect my heart. I never thought twice about his intentions and reliability as a partner.
Marriage was mentioned, but I knew our lives and interests were leading us apart. Eventually we broke up and it left me with a gaping hole in my heart.

I began to believe if I couldn't make a relationship work with someone so great, I would never be able to make one work.

I began to lose trust in myself to be able to create a lasting relationship.

For the next 5 years, I attracted man after man who I couldn't trust and wouldn't commit, not to marriage but just a relationship.

How could I go from a man who wanted to marry me to men who wouldn't even get into a relationship with me?

This deliriously frustrating cycle caused me to lose even more trust in myself. So much so, I endured almost a year of emotional abuse with a man who strung me along without a commitment. He even told me he loved me and would marry me if he was "ready."

The confusion and pain of these situations caused me to become a person I didn't even recognize. Because I didn't feel I was worthy or good enough to have lasting love, I endured massive amounts of pain just to receive little crumbs of what I thought was love.

The lack of trust I had for myself spilled over into my career, financial decisions and other relationships. I felt like nothing and no one could be trusted. And that's exactly what I attracted until I learned how to trust myself again. Then everything radically changed.

How to Trust Yourself Again

The truth is the real you ALWAYS knows what is best. But when we don't trust ourselves we lose touch with our real selves, the self that knows best.

The way to fully trust yourself and attract a trustworthy partner, is to deepen the trust through uncovering and living life as your authentic self.

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