Can I Vote For Hillary And Still Have An Inquiring Mind?

The flag of the United States of America
The flag of the United States of America

I recently received a Facebook notification that my political preferences are being monitored. Facebook, shrewd detective that it is, scientifically determines and then knows who I am voting for, and directs a campaign of ongoing presidential campaign pop-ups, tailored to moi.
To my jaded surprise, I have been "followed" electronically by the Trump organization with invitations and ads that assume I am voting Republican.

What an interesting summer.

First, let me disclose that my political identification has always been as a Democrat. Yes, although in my advanced age I insist on choosing any individual candidate who I believe will do the best job serving the citizens of our country.

I don't wear blindfolds while supporting a candidate, however. It must be a post-traumatic tick. No blindfolds when I can possibly avoid them.
And so, I don't click on the "I'm With Her" button easily, or at all. This means I am less popular and at a distinct remove from fellow FBers. It also means I don't enjoy the bond of spirited cheerleading from my seat in the arena. (Insert unsmiley face here).
You may be asking, "what causes her to hover, suspended in time over that brightly convivial "I'm With Her" button?"
I'll tell you.
I don't like the suspicion, rage, or dark cloud that reigns over the consequence of proclaiming, or not, that "I'm With Her".
There is a ridiculously rigid imperative to clicking and announcing unbridled support for Hillary.
It's not intelligent and it's devoid of democracy, this simple-minded test of who a person is, based on a set level of Hillary excitement.
I don't like the "you're either with us or against us" vibe that pours out of Hillary Facebook chats and pieces, or even in New York Times oped pieces.
As if having an authentic question mark over Hillary makes one a "collaborator" against her.
I also do not hate people who support Trump. Not every one of them is misogynist, homophobic, and pro-David Duke.
Where are we? Are we living in the 1950's American communist hysteria where questioning the government meant being a spy for the other side?

Does a vote for Hillary have to mean we shut our inquiring minds to who she is? Does a vote for Hillary mean an end to critical thinking, and if critical thinking is an unfamiliar concept, then we need to put it squarely in the middle of MSNBC television to debate, define, and resurrect for the good of our minds!

Critical thinking involves daring to wonder, question, ask for truth and clarification. This is our lives, our country. We have the obligation to ask Hillary questions. Serious questions.
I know all the reasons why Trump is not fit to be President.

I am well-versed in the psychology of the candidates, their defenses and their wounds. And their donors.
I also do not need to find anyone likeable in order to have her/him run our country, although it would be a splendid relief to do so.
However, the job requires far more urgent qualifications than being a swell beer buddy.

We've already had a phenomenal, gold star beer buddy President, and if you don't believe me, check out the always affable, dancing George W. Bush last July at the Dallas Memorial Police Funeral. Now there's a guy to throw one down with.

I have questions about Hillary, and I likely will continue to question her as I vote for her. I have questions because she, herself, leads me to wonder. I am not okay with the defense of "misspeaking" from Hillary any more than I am from Donald Trump.
Actually, I would love to have that symbolic beer with Hillary and ask my questions directly to her.
When I want to support someone, I don't give up easily.
If I had to find a song title to capture my stance on Hillary, it has been and continues to be, "Love to Love You, Baby".