Can Justin Coussoule Beat John Boehner?

A former captain in the Army and a West Point grad and small business owner, Justin has a much better grasp on leadership than the allegedly golfing/drinking/lazy Boehner. OH-8 can make history and make America better in November.
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As Digby pointed out this morning, Ed Schultz was talking about our BeatBoehner ad again-- that's two days in a row. First he had Howard Dean on with him to talk about it and yesterday he asked Joan Walsh to comment. Take a look at the segment above. Nice, huh?

It's time for the Democrats to get tough on House Minority Leader John Boehner. He's easy pickin's. He's totally out of touch with the middle class and the Democrats ought to be lighting this guy up at every chance. His opponent is winner in my opinion. He's got the best campaign commercial of the year.

Every cent that went into the commerical came from Blue America donors. People who contributed $5 and $10 and $20 amounts through our ActBlue pages, either the original billboard pages or this new one. We went to the DNC and the DCCC and asked for help. They're too busy saving the seats of anti-Choice, antigay, anti-healthcare Blue Dogs and told us to go screw off. I knew Obama was making a disastrous mistake when he replaced Howard Dean as DNC Chair with Tim Kaine, a guy with... well, let's just say "limited vision." Can Justin Coussoule really beat Boehner? That's up to the voters of western Ohio but there is one thing we can be sure of... if the DCCC adamantly refuses-- year after year after year-- to go after scoundrels like Boehner and Ryan and Cantor, not to mention Virginia Foxx, Ken Calvert, John Campbell, Paul Broun, Steve King, etc we'll be stuck with them forever. Coussoule is a great candidate in every way and I'll trust Ed Schultz on that before Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It's up to those of us who want to give it a go, to put the money into it-- with the billboards and the TV spots and into Coussoule's campaign-- so that there's even a fight and so that Boehner has to defend himself and his insane positions. Because one thing we've seen already: when he gets in front of the camera to defend his anti-family agenda, he stumbles and falls. That's how Coussoule wins.

Yesterday Boehner and his cronies called the vote for aid to states to keep teachers, firemen and policemen employed "a bailout." Boehner was an architect, along with Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Roy Blunt of passing Bush's no-strings-attached Wall Street bailout in 2008. When it was billions and billions for Wall Street banksters who had gambled our economy into a ditch, Boehner was there to force hapless Republican schlemiels like Charlie Dent to change their vote in favor of the bailout. But when it comes to the school system in Bulter County or the fire departments in Mercer, Darke and Preble counties and the hard pressed police in Montgomery and Miami counties... then it's a bailout that he doesn't want anything to do with. He calls teachers a "special interest" but when he was caught red handed by other Republicans handing out bribe checks from Big Tobacco on the House floor, he started yelling "this must stop!" Big Tobacco lobbyists aren't special interests in his world; neither are Wall Street banksters. Teachers and firemen and policemen are. And as Joan pointed out on the video above, Boehner's idea about raising the retirement age, may be good for people with cushy jobs who can gold every third day, but for people who actually work hard... not such a wonderful idea, especially not if the reason is to keep giving multimillionaires bigger tax breaks. This guy isn't fit to be in Congress, let alone lead it. And, even with no help from the DCCC, Coussoule is going up and down the district explaining to voters what kind of representation Boehner has been giving to Ohio's eighth district:

Once again, this is a clear example of why the public is so fed up with "business as usual John Boehner Style" after 20 years. I learned in West Point and in business, that you can not make deals with strings attached and expect not to have to pay the piper later. We are all simply tired of backroom politics. We want leaders who do the right thing. Supporting teachers and police officers should not be a political football between Democrats and Republicans and Boehner knows it. This is just another case of how completely how of touch he is, with not only the 8th District here in Ohio, but our nation overall... As many as 300,000 teachers still have jobs right now-- and 150,000 police offices and other public workers will still be serving their communities because leaders in Congress stood up to Boehner and his gang. We can not solve problems in our country by burying our heads in the sand. We need leadership.

A former captain in the Army and a West Point grad and small business owner, Justin has a much better grasp on leadership than the allegedly golfing/drinking/lazy/bought-off Boehner. OH-8 can make history and make America better in November.

Vice President's Office Backs Up Coussoule

National Dems like using the clownish Boehner as a punching bag and a boogie man but there's been virtually no help coming into Ohio's 8th district where it could do Justin Coussoule some good. However, today Vice President Biden's chief economic advisor, Jared Bernstein, jumped into the fray:

"Though we're sure he didn't know it, the Congressman is advocating to kill the expansion of the Butler County Community Health Center and bring some of the 25 highway projects across the district to a grinding halt," Bernstein wrote.

Bernstein went on to list other things stopping the stimulus would do, including ending a tax credit for 4 million Ohioans, halting unemployment checks and unfunding more than 100 clean energy projects across the state.

Boehner blurted out some mindless Republican talking points that he's committed to memory in defense.

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