Can Marijuana Stop the Spread of HIV?

Amazing new research from the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center suggests daily cannabis use could slow the spread of HIV.

The bad news is that the experiment used rhesus monkeys, so it's not entirely clear if this stuff would really work on humans. But it's promising.

The study, published last week in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, concludes that daily administration of THC in the animals slowed the spread of HIV in their stomachs, where the virus thrives.

Researchers, including the university's Patricia E. Molina, subjected four- to six-year-old monkeys to daily doses of the good stuff for 17 months. (Lucky monkeys?)

A summary of the research states:

Our results indicate that chronic THC administration modulated duodenal T cell populations...

That means that weed slowed this monster down.

Of course, HIV and AIDS patients have already raced to cannabis for help with appetite enhancement. This study suggests yet another legit medical use.

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