Street Artist Uses Forgotten Trash For "Can Men" Series (PHOTOS)


Street artists have long used abandoned walls as the canvas for their work, but we've recently come across an artist whose street art scale is a bit smaller. His name is My Dog Sighs and he is making miniature street installations using soup cans and other found aluminum trash that he adorns with unique faces and leaves for passers-by to collect. It's a way of bringing bits of beauty to lonely walkways while turning unwanted waste into free art that moves from the artist's studio to the streets and into the homes of those who spot it.

You can see the whole (laborious) process of creating the "Can Men" series here. The artist first gives the cans a stony spray paint complexion and then adds distinct male or female facial features, sometimes adding unique accessories like a balaclava, a burqa, or a perfectly coiffed mustache. And in the end, the tiny pieces of trash resemble small faces peering out from the edges of the sidewalk, beckoning you to pick them up and take them home. The eerie personality conveyed through the miniscule art reminds us of the "Living Faces" that Nikita Nomerz paints throughout towns in Russia, equally charming in it's ability to bring character to the smallest corners of an urban landscape.

We love the idea of this miniature street art and its ability to make people a little bit more aware of the trash they may easily pass by. Check out the images below and tell us what you think of My Dog Sighs' work!

Street Artist Uses Forgotten Trash For "Can Men" Series