Can Snapchat Really Help My Student Learn This Summer? Surprising and Fun Ways for High School Students to Grow.

The end (of the school year) is in sight... Even though school will be out, high schools students can still use the summer to grow and make progress toward their long-term goals. Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s office of Student Affairs has curated a list of Top Tips for Staying Sharp Over Summer to help students to retain knowledge and continue learning in new ways, while having fun doing the things that they already like. Consider the following:

<em>The end (of the school year) is in sight...</em>
The end (of the school year) is in sight...
  1. Immerse yourself in your field: Take advantage of this time to explore internships or possible job opportunities that align with long-term career interests. Internships are a great way to discover whether the day-to-day routine of a career actually appeals to a student. Not only are internships great for self-discovery, they also benefit a student’s bottom line. About 51.7% of students with an internship received at least one job offer compared to 33.8% with no previous experience.
  2. Become a (digital) bookworm: Spend time reading articles within your field or about topics that appeal to you. With the unlimited access to technology, you can find popular news sites in the form of digital applications and email newsletters at the tip of your fingers. About 72% of Americans are reading their news on mobile devices. You may opt for digital versions of magazines, newspapers, or books through your electronic device.
  3. Stay plugged in: The rising trend in podcasts, averaging to about 5 per week, continue to influence and educate students about topics in lifestyle, business, culture, politics, and sports. You can connect to your digital device through streaming services like Spotify or Amazon to receive brief podcasts that may pertain to your field or areas of interests. Take notes and learn from these success stories!
  4. Digital Detox: While it’s important to connect and engage with the world around you, it’s equally as important to step away and absorb the here and now. The summer affords students a perfect opportunity to step away from social media, emails and deadlines for a few days, or even a week, and really focus on family, friends and enjoying the outdoors. Give your brain some downtime and take a quick but impactful digital detox.
  5. Repurpose old apps in new ways: Many students rely on their phone as a source of entertainment-- often switching between Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These social media outlets have recently integrated various features to inform users about current events through live videos, curated news articles, and trending topics.
  6. Binge watch, educationally: Apply the term “netflix and chill” in new ways by watching educational documentaries and shows. Video-streaming services like Netflix organize documentaries and shows by genre, helping you to narrow down the options. Reports reveal that members streamed 4.2 billion hours worth of streaming or approximately 1.5 hours per day!

Greg Kaplan is a college application strategist and author of Earning Admission: Real Strategies for Getting into Highly Selective Colleges. He focuses on empowering families to identify and develop their long term paths and stand out to earn admission in the college application process. Kaplan is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and UC Irvine School of Law, where he received close to a full tuition scholarship. See for more information.

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