Can Technology Inspire Us to Become Better Personalities?

Can Technology Inspire Us to Become Better Personalities?
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It's difficult to imagine contemporary life without the Internet and new gadgets. They've become inseparable from our daily activities, and so today it's difficult to spend a day without a smartphone or the Internet. With such rapid development of new technologies, all science fiction movies already seem quite realistic. At times, one might get alarmed that technology and developments in the area of artificial intelligence can substitute human beings and leave the majority of us without jobs. Also, since everything is developing so quickly, there isn't enough research made on the influence of gadgets on our physical and mental health. And so, the only thing left is to trust our intuition and strive for better things in life.

Personally, I think that technology, as anything else in life, can either be harmful or beneficial, depending on how we use it. Playing computer games too much or constantly staring at Facebook page might be quite harmful and can even cause addiction. But, at the same time, technology is here to help us become better, - it can push us towards new goals and even inspire us to change the life for better. One of the examples might be Yijian smart running machines. Such machines, whether we use them at home or at the sports center can inspire each of us to get out of bed and do some exercises to stay healthy and fit. We all know that it's good to do some sport, but it's easier say than done, and we tend to find hundreds of justifications not to do it. And here's when smart technology acts like a magic wand inspiring us and helping become better and better.

Like piano stairways encourage people to exercise more by walking on the stairs instead of taking an elevator, Yijian smart treadmills are configured with the intelligent open operating system that can realize various functions such as remote control of the running machine and even sports social to make it more fun to do the sports. Such artificial intelligence machines can act as your smart 'friends' that help you stay healthy, and they can even interact with you. Such machines have touch sense that can feel changes in force for each person running on the running machine and adjusts to the most comfortable experience in real time for the owner. With the help of the infrared camera sensor on the running machine, it can not only see the owner but can also recognize each person. Whether it is your parents or grandparents, as long as they stand on the running machine and get their face scanned, the machine will automatically identify them and proceed with the fitness plan for each one. Whether it is the walking race plan to lose weight for mother, the accelerative running plan to build muscles for father, or the stroll plan for grandparents, all these will not interfere with each other. In the event of children secretly playing with the running machine, it will not start as a result of the failed face scanning. The machine can even monitor the changes to your heart rate in real time by using the "Magic Wand" smart controller in your hand. The running machine will automatically reduce the speed when your heart rate is too high, and it will automatically increase the speed when your heart rate is too low. It really frees your hands during the running so that you no longer need to point and press on the center console. The speech recognition technology allows you to find a movie or song during the running time without stopping. The running machine can easily spell over every word you spoke, thereby now you can directly control the input through speaking. Thus, the machine is more than just a machine, it can interact with you, adjust to your personal needs creating you the most comfortable conditions for doing sport so that you can merely enjoy it.

If used smartly, technology pushes us to new achievements. It can help us become fitter and more intelligent; smart technology can help us cope with everyday routine tasks leaving more space for creativity and, as in the case of smart running machines, can help us enjoy the things that are beneficial for our health and general well-being.

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