Can Technology Make Our Lives Better?

Can Technology Make Our Lives Better?
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The twenty-first century has brought us a lot of innovations, and we are now facing a new era, the era of great technological achievements. But how does technology influence our lives? Everything is developing with such an accelerated speed that one can hardly catch up with new trends. Some people might argue that living in such high-speed society might cause more harm than good as we are not used to living in such fast moving environment, which can generate a lot of pressure. Besides, we still don't know much about the influence and effects of technology on human bodies, which might be quite harmful. But, as always, there is a flip side of a coin. Technology has also had a great positive effect on our lives, making it easier and more comfortable. True, we cannot follow all the latest technology achievements, but we can make a choice what kind of things might be the most useful in our lives.

That's why every time I have a chance I try to have a look at what's going on now in terms of technological development in order to find out what can be helpful in different life situations. Discovering Indiegogo platform was pleasantly surprising for me. I've always wondered how people could implement their ideas and make it alive. It's not enough just to have a brilliant idea, - one has also to experiment a lot to present a valuable product that would satisfy present-day needs of different people, and, what's even more difficult, one has to find some funds for successful project development. Indiegogo is really helpful in this term, as there is a chance for every interesting project to turn from something idealistic into a valuable materialistic product. Personally, I find it aspiring that new captivating films can be created with the help of this platform. Regarding technological innovations, I find mini projector particularly interesting and useful.

Today, flexibility, portability and multifunctionality are key factors to a successful business, - and here is when technology can be very helpful. Using such device as Lazertouch mini projector can assist in making remarkable presentations without having to worry too much about technical issues, as it allows to use just a finger to quickly perform operations on the screen. It works on the same basis as tablet PC, so it doesn't require computers or cables; it is not heavy to carry, doesn't require calibration as it operates on instant quick push-to-start mode. It also supports 3D projection and Interactive advertising making it possible to make a more interesting and engaging presentation. Besides, it can be used for educational purposes as an interactive whiteboard, as well as for some common activities at home like watching movies (with no damage to eyesight), playing games and musical instruments. This is definitely something that can be used in different life situations, be it a business meeting, presentation, conducting the lesson or just having a fun experience of playing video games at in-wall projection mode.

A lot of people today come up with great ideas of how to take full advantage of technology usage and, what's more important, how to make it safe for the people and the environment. Progress is a natural thing and, in a way, it's better that it happens rather quickly, as we all can take full benefits of it. The first computer was so big that it occupied half of the room, - and now we can enjoy watching movies, writing something, talking to friends, following the latest news while sitting somewhere with a portable device, like a tablet or a laptop.

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