11 Feminist Art History Emojis We Wish Were Real

Some day, some day ...

Warning: This article contains emojis, some of which depict nudity. So, maybe not the best for some work environments.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good Kimoji as much as the next girl, but what would really take my texts to the next level would be some super classy art history-inspired emojis. More specifically, feminist art history emojis.

Can you imagine the joy and inspiration that would flow through our iPhones on a daily basis if we could top off a banal "sup" with the masterwork of Jenny Holzer, Yayoi Kusama or Yoko Ono? Dear goddess of apps above, I don't ask much. Please make these feminist art history emojis a reality, and I will never send another passive aggressive "k" text ever again.

Below are 11 examples of feminist art history emojis to get your imagination dreaming of the glorious, yonic possibilities. 

1. Barbara Kruger-moji

2. Diane Arbus-moji

3. Jenny Holzer-moji

5. Judy Chicago-moji

6. Kara Walker-moji

7. Meret Oppenheim-moji

8. Tracey Emin-moji

9. Yayoi Kusama-moji

10. Yoko Ono-moji

11. Carol Rama-moji

Check out even more art history emoji in the slideshow below.



Art History Emoji