Can We Stop The Mom Body Shaming, Please?

I didn't ask you to comment, so please just keep it to yourself.

Here’s something that should be blatantly obvious but somehow still isn’t: The state of a woman’s body, even a pregnant woman’s body, isn’t up for public debate.

Every day it seems there’s another viral social media post from a mom (or mom-to-be) stating how she’s been questioned about how far along she is based on the size of her belly, or how she’s been told by (usually) a stranger that she’s lost the weight too quickly or not fast enough.

When I was nearly 9 months pregnant with my second son this spring, I constantly faced comments about how big I was and how I was going to "have that kid any day!" thanks to how large and low I was carrying. I was even told that I must have my due date wrong by a Subway sandwich worker because I was unbelievably big.

All this goes to say that I support the moms who find viral fame by stating the obvious on their social media accounts ― doing so only beats it into people’s heads more ― but it's frankly absurd that they have to write these things in the first place.

Here's a pro-tip for anyone anywhere about how to talk to a woman about her body: If she didn't explicitly ask for an opinion, don't give it. End.Of.Story.

All moms’ bodies ― no matter if you gained 5 or 35 pounds while pregnant or felt “back to normal” (whatever that means) in weeks or years ― have done amazing things for their offspring. We should applaud all moms no matter the circumstance of their physical selves. Parenting is hard. The last thing we need is a societal belief that it’s fine to judge us based on criteria over which we tend to have no control.

So let’s stop the shaming in all its forms ― capeesh?

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