Can We Talk About How Trixie Mattel Has Released A Straight Up Great Country Album?

I’ll set the scene. It’s a grey Wednesday. The coffee is average. The workload is dull. The hangover is mild but very much there. In short, I needed a pick me up. In these moments my go-to is turn of the century Madonna, but today I thought, no, mix it up. Remembering the reigning queen of the straight-white-teenage-girl-RuPaul’s-Drag-Race fandom Trixie Mattel had a new comedy album out, I decided to give it a spin.

What I was looking for was thinly veiled jokes about male genitalia and some light mocking (”shade”) of her fellow Ru Girls. What I got was a serious country album. Now considering how average-to-bad my day had been so far, you can understand that the rage was uncontrollable. Luckily I’m British so I’m a pro at hiding all emotions. While my colleagues wouldn’t have been able to clock my fury, the handle of my cup of tea sure felt my grip tighten.

Downing said tea in one, I decided to calm myself down. I took a breath, popped a mint, and worked out a way to move ahead. The route was simple, keep listening. Trixie is a great queen, she couldn’t have let me down as badly as I’m imagining. And honey, oh honey, she hasn’t.

What life size doll and real life lady Trixie Mattel has created in Two Birds is a straight up great country album. Four verse album opener Mama Don’t Make Me Put on the Dress Again is like a brilliant Miranda Lambert track, while break up ballad I Know You All Over Again is genuinely heartbreaking. I will absolutely be creating a music video in my bedroom to Bluegrass, and Seen My Man has so much mid-80’s Dolly about it I immediately sent it to my sister.

Everybody, do yourself a solid and listen to this album. God knows the Drag Race musical output is, let’s say patchy, but this is really great. Well done Trixie girl. Evidently I was a skeptic, but you did your cowgirlboy ass proud.